Can damaged concrete pavers be replaced?


Yes. However, it would be wise for you to set aside a few extra pavers as replacements when doing the original installation. To replace a paver, remove the sand joint around the paver. Next, use two screwdrivers to remove the paver, and replace it with the new paver. Fill the joint with sand and compact the entire area using a rubber mallet.


Should I seal my pavers?


Permacon pavers and slabs are designed to resist deterioration. Sealants will provide additional protection against stains and make maintenance easier. While simultaneously enchancing the colour of the stone, the decision to use a sealant is above all a matter of taste.


What is efflorescence?


Efflorescence is a deposit of white crystals that can sometimes appear on the surface of the concrete. It does not, in any way, compromise the functionality of the product. With rain, and time, efflorescence will disappear.


Are pavers and slabs slippery?


No. Whether the ground is wet or dry, their texture provides excellent traction for pedestrians and motor vehicles alike.


Can freeze/thaw cycles damage pavers or slabs?


No. Damage caused by freezing is virtually non-existent. Joints between concrete units (pavers, slabs, walls) allow them to move without breaking or cracking. The quality of the concrete used, also allows each unit to withstand freezing.